Upper Downs | UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Racer Harry Molloy Interview
Interview with world cup rider Harry Molloy on bikes, courses, and clothing
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Interview: World Cup racer Harry Molloy


Interview: World Cup racer Harry Molloy

Ahead of the start of the 2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup series this weekend, we caught up with top 30 Downhill Elite racer Harry Molloy…




One of the top riders in the South of England, local to us and a member of our development team, we were keen to chat to Harry ahead of the first race at Lourdes in France to discuss his riding history and ambitions for the upcoming season.

UD – How long have you been riding for?

HM – I set foot on a bike at 3 years old and without stabilisers I might add! From then until about 9ish I was just happy enough riding the streets with my mates jumping up curbs. I’m 23 now so I guess that makes it 20 years! Blimey!

UD – What got you into riding?

HM – So I guess it was solely my parents, both were into cycling for a family keep healthy kind of thing… I was just one of those kids that couldn’t make a back tyre last longer than a week and thought pulling wheelies was a life skill… Well I guess I wasn’t wrong.

UD – When did you start racing?

HM -It all started when I was about 11 when I did my first Downhill race at my local riding spot, Porc. Things have changed a lot since but I’ve stuck to DH competitively but also ride a bit of everything. I’ve enjoyed every second of riding my bike over the 12 years and I’m stoked to have many to come.

UD – What’s your biggest goal for the upcoming WC?

HM -my biggest goal for out here in Lourdes is to break into the top 20. It’s the goal for the season and it would be great to achieve it at the first one.


UD – Which is the track your looking forward to riding most?

HM -MSA, Canada has always been a favourite for me. It’s just such a mans track and for myself and many more, it defines what downhill really is. I can’t say I’m not really looking forward to the atmosphere at Fort William again though. And we’ve not been here to Lourdes and it looks sick. Hard to pick a favourite I guess.

UD – You had a great result at Leogang on the IXS series last year, you must be hyped about racing there on the WC this year?

HM – Leogang has been a place I seem to do well at over the last couple of years. It benefits the stronger racers and the full on, fast riders. I’m even more buzzing this year as my set up with Solid Reverse Factory Racing is just going to make me stronger than ever there of all places.

UD – How are you finding the move to Solid and riding the new Strike?

HM – the move to Solid has been nothing less than exciting and welcoming. The owner Peter and everyone in and around the team has made me feel completely at home and already I’m part of the family. It’s massively important to the behind the scenes side of the life of a racer, and I consider myself very fortunate be involved in such a wicked company. We strongly share the passion behind racing and developing bikes and this really comes across in the New Strike. The Strike is such a well balanced, stable and easy to jump on and ride bike. I feel like I have at the end of seasons already onboard the Strike.


UD – You’ve also moved to BOS suspension, has there been much of a change?

HM – I went into this change with an open mind but with the confidence knowing they are probably the most developed at a World Cup racing level. It’s amazing how supple the new air forks are no matter how hard you wish the rest of the travel to be. They are leading the way in suspension technology and I’m certainly not having anything but awesomeness from my side.

UD – Which rider do you admire most on the WC circuit?

HM – Don’t get me wrong, I look up to all the guys at the top of the sport wether they get great media, awesome results or generally a great sportsman, but I don’t want to be them, I want to beat them.

UD – Tell us about Flowstyle, the coaching business you’ve started up with Jack Chapman?

HM – Flow Style Coaching started summer of last year. Wether it’s learning the basics, leading a kids party or finding the tenths and hundredths of a second on a track Flow Style is all about getting the most fun out of riding your bike. We even have a high end Flow Style Fitness and performance coach on hand. We are growing quickly and will soon be providing coaching across Europe. Visit www.flowstylecoaching.com to check it out.

UD – What does Upper Downs as a brand mean to you?

HM – To me UD means the pinnacle of performance and function. It’s what everyone’s idea is from the beginning and then getting it right and adding innovative ideas to create awesome products. They are looking to make the best product but without cuts here and there that spoil other brands… No short cuts and a honest brand that is deep in the scene!