Upper Downs | Our process of creating technical high performance cycling clothing
Producing the most technical and high performance cycling clothing possible
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Our Process

We start by acknowledging the limitations of existing apparel because we are committed to creating products that are ultimately better than what is currently available.

By spending time out on the trails and speaking to riders, we get familiar with what they really need.

The design process starts by addressing the rider’s needs with a balance of style and technical materials. We involve riders throughout the design process to make sure the apparel moves freely in a variety of riding positions. It also means keeping the design clean, with a sleek cut, elemental colours and minimal branding. From a functionality angle, we go to great lengths to find the most advanced, breathable, technical fabrics and hardware in the world for maximum protection against the elements.

When it comes to manufacturing we’re committed to creating an industry-leading garment and therefore, are working with only the best factories. That’s why we’ve made the decision to work with EU based companies as a priority, whilst ensuring our entire supply chain is ethical and fair-trade.


Inspired by the elements.