Upper Downs | MTB riding in the Surrey Hills with Flowstyle
Riding in the Surrey Hills with Harry Molloy, Jack Chapman and Tim Kemp - filmed by Apex Film Collective
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Video: Riding In The Surrey Hills

Video: Riding In The Surrey Hills

Well 2015 is here and it’s going to be a very exciting year for us. The last 12 months have been incredible, we’ve hit the trails, built up our name and worked with riders from all over the world to design our upcoming MTB jacket…


We’re now at the stage where we have our factory in Portugal making our first fully featured prototype for us, which we hope to receive in early February, this will be followed by a lot of riding to test and gather feedback from as many riders as possible ahead of us launching our Kickstarter campaign in June.


Back in the summer we were approached by the Apex Film Collective, a group of third year students from Staffordshire University who were looking to produce a film for a company focusing on outdoor and extreme sports. We immediately jumped at the chance to work with James Barnes and his team who understood what we are trying to achieve with Upper Downs and started working on an idea with our development riders to put together a short promotional film.


The aim of the film was to focus on the fun aspect of riding bikes, whilst also giving a view into what we’ve been working on at Upper Downs for the last 12 months and our intentions of what we are trying to create.


We wanted to use a trail riding location we knew well and capture solid footage of singletrack, jumps and woodland sections that feature in all our own rides when we’re out with mates. The Surrey Hills was the perfect location, we were planning to shoot the film in November and were unsure of how the weather would behave, and the trails ride better than most places in the South East as they drain pretty well.


After scouting out filming locations with Jack Chapman and Harry Molloy from Flowstyle MTB Coaching, we found a great spot, with easy access as Apex were bringing a 6 strong film crew, three different camera set ups and a lot of equipment.


It was shoot day and it had been a pretty dank, wet and cold couple of weeks. Thankfully for us the sun came out from the outset and it was t-shirt weather at points of the day as we worked with Apex via radios, to instruct the riders to hit the trails in turn.


With less light available, it was always going to be hard to shoot enough footage for a long film, but with our aim to produce a 3 minute promotional film it looked like were had it covered. We had another shoot day with Apex to show us at work. We got this covered in a couple of hours and then it was over to James Barnes to crack on with the editing process. After a number of cuts and reviews of the film, we’re pretty stoked with the final edit, and hope you all like it too.


Thanks again to all of those involved in this fun project:

Apex Film collective
James Barnes
Development riders; Tim Kemp, Harry Molloy and Jack Chapman
Lucinda Rendall
Soundtrack: Faulty Clicks – The Graveyard