Upper Downs | Wales upper downs test ride with prototype jacket and harry molloy
Adverse weather jacket testing in the scenic cycling area in Wales, superb mountain biking
wales, technical, jacket, prototype, hardcore, cycling
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UCI Downhill World Cup racer Harry Molloy battles the elements and Welsh weather putting our Neo jacket through its paces

After months of our own testing, feedback from development riders and updates to our design, our latest Neo jacket prototypes arrived from our factory in Portugal.


With our jacket performing really well on our local trails, we wanted to put our jacket to test in an extreme location in Wales with technical terrain, known for highly changeable and unpredictable weather.


The forecast for our trip was ideal, with winds of 30-40mph, torrential rain and changeable weather throughout.

Harry Molloy adventure mountain bike

We invited UCI World Cup Downhill rider Harry Molloy to join us to help test the jacket to its full potential whilst we captured some photography.

We picked a remote location visually stunning with challenging terrain. It’s an area for proper mountain biking, with technical climbs requiring multiple hikes with bikes on our backs, fences to be crossed and waterfalls to scale

Harry Molloy in the elements and Upper Downs Neo jacket

The weather was out in force on from the moment we arrived at the rural car park. It was a full on wet gear, multiple layers, gloves and hats, not that usual for early May!


We set off from the car park by the river, up the old farm track, with the peak totally hidden in clouds and there was no sign of let up from the rain.

Bike hike with Neo jacket

Our aim was to slowly head up to the peak to capture footage in highly changeable weather. After an hour, it was apparent the weather was not going to be kind to us with a 95% chance of rain and strong winds, we would be limited to how long the cameras would endure the weather.


By comparison, Harry who was riding in the Neo jacket, was soaked head to toe, albeit on the outside. Of all the gear he was riding in, the jacket was the only thing built to stand up to the truly rancid weather and was completely dry on the inside.

View shows Neo Jacket in stunning location

Day two had a better forecast and we set off for a long day on the mountain to get to the top, capturing some epic photos all the way. A fair amount of hiking was required, with our bikes on our backs, whilst constantly being blown away by the views.


The sun came out in time for us to hit the peak and allowing us to take in the views. There was a familiar look of our local South Downs with rolling green peaks in the distance, albeit nearly 4 times the height of Devils Dyke.

Harry Molloy mountain bike downhill in the Neo jacket

We were all really happy with the outcome of the day and will let the photos do the talking, as words can’t relay the beauty and ruggedness of the landscape.


Suffice to say, the Neo jacket performed brilliantly, it was really tested to the max; constant downpours, high winds, sweaty climbs, technical descents, plus being really light yet durable when hiking and carrying.